Elephant Mountain

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The Elephant Mountain enjoys a beautiful environment. The richly-ornamented pavilions and the pine trees and cloves set each other off in the mountain, making a magnificent scene. However, the most typical part in the mountain is the clay statue of Sakyamuni. Researches show that the carving of the clay statue lasted for more than 300 years and four dynasties. The clay statue was first carved in Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534) and finished in Tang Dynasty (618-907).

On both sides of the Buddha statue were steps built in the mountain, which rise and fall with the mountain. The 22 spectacular hole niches, most in square shape, are connected. What is unique of the Elephant Mountain hole niches is that on the cliff were built a big round arch niche, a chancel and the Buddhist niche for the monks to practice Buddhism.

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in Gangu County

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The Elephant Mountain is 87 km from Tianshui Railway Station. Tourists can take the bus from the square in front of the railway station or take a train to get to Gangu County first.

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Best tourist time: April 8th by lunar calendar is the time for local people to visit the mountain. Thus it is a good time to appreciate the clay statue there and experience the local customs.

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