Tomb of Liguang

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Brief introduction

Liguang, ? -119 BC, born in Tianshui, Gansu, was a famous general in Han Dynasty. Nicknamed the “Flying General”, he fought primarily in the campaigns against the Xiongnu people (Nomadic pastoral people of Central Asia) to the north of Han China. According to the historic records, Li committed suicide shortly after a battle in 119 BC.

The cenotaph of Liguang is two meters high and has a girth of 26 meters. Researches show that there are only sword and clothes in the tomb. On the tombstone were engraved seven Chinese characters meaning the tomb of Han General Liguang. There used to be some lifelike stone animals and stone horses in front of the tomb. And that is why the place is called Shimaping (shima means stone horse, and ping means level ground).

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How to Get There?
Tourists can take No. 1, 6, 9 buses at Tianshui Railway Station and get off at the Central Square in Qinzhou District, then take No. 3 Bus and get off at Shimaping Bus Stop. Tourists from the Lanzhou Airport can get to Eastern Lanzhou Bus Station first, and then take a bus to get to Tianshui Long-distance Bus Station. Then they can take No. 24 Bus and get off at Shimaping Bus Stop.

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8:30—12:30,14:30—18:30 (in Summer and Autumn);8:30—12:00,14:30—18:00(in Spring and Winter)

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