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Tianshui Transport

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/20

Public buses

It takes about 40 minutes and it costs 2 yuan to go from the square in front of Tianshui Railway Station to Qincheng District, the city center by No. 6 Bus, which starts every 15 minutes. There are several buses running to the scenic spots in Tianshui, such as Maiji Mountain, Xianren Cliff and Shimen (Stone Gate) Mountain.

Car rentals

Tourists can charter a car to go the scenic spot if no tourist buses have been opened. The starting price for a taxi (Xiali, Lingyang and Qianlima cars) is 4 yuan and that for a minivan taxi is 3 yuan for the first 3 km. It costs 1 yuan for each additional km if the distance exceeds 3 km and it costs 1.5 yuan for each additional km when the distance exceeds 10 km.