Bingla Mountain National Forest Park

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Brief Introduction:

Bingla Mountain Forest Park totally covers 2,200 hectares with the forest coverage rate of 96% and the height of the highest peak is 870.2 meters above the sea level. The park has little radiation, great temperature difference and low wind velocity. The quantity of anion contained in the air is 3-5 times higher than that in the city. Bingla Mountain was the central region of Shengjing hunting field that was obliged in the first year of Qing Dynasty and the first place in China to tame spotted deer.

Forest nearly covers the whole park, and the vegetation in the park still remains in the primitive state. In the thick forest, the larch trees are the grandest ones that seem to suddenly erect from the ground and as straightly as sculptures; the elm and oak trees are the oldest ones that have rich leaves and huge tree-crowns. Bingla Mountain is famous for its stones. Stones here are special. Tourists can find different kind of stones here and there. Such as General Stone, Lion-keep-gate Stone, Crouching Dragon Stone, Golden Tortoise Stone, and Mother and Son Penguin Stone. At the foot of the mountain is Jude Reservoir where grasses grow nice and fish swim. Clear brook runs among the valley, and the water in it is as sweet as honey and as cool as iced mineral spring. Bingshan Lake, lying at the waist of the mountain, beautiful and in harmony with its surroundings, is a good place to row a boat, to go swimming and fishing. No place is better than the top of the mountain to enjoy wonderful astronomical landscapes like the sun rising, a sea of clouds in the morning and the sun setting in the evening.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Zhenxing Conty, 35 kilometers away from the southeast of Xifeng County of Tieling City

How to Get There?
The long distance bus available in the town can reach Xifeng County.

Ticket Price:

50 yuan per person

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

The best time to visit the national park is from April to October.

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