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Changtai Temple

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Brief Introduction:

Changtai Temple sees charming and wavy Taiyang Mountain Lake in the south, and in its north lies Taiyang Mountain that rises and falls continuously.  The temple has an area of 2,000 square meters, a three- storey depositary of Buddhist texts is the last architecture in the north of the temple, in which the three Buddhas in the West are worshiped. In the southern direction the next architecture to the depositary is Grand Hall, in which there are three Tathagatas, eighteen arhats, Bodihisattva, Avalokitesvara, Samantabhadra and manjusri, Ananda and Kasyapa. In front of Grand Hall is a flight of stairs that lead to the flat land where two sub-halls, in which the Founder and Guardians are worshiped, stand respectively in the east and in the west. Heavenly King Hall is the next building in the south, in which there is Amida, Bodhisattva and four Heavenly Kings who step on eight monsters beneath their feet. Down there is a bell tower and a drum tower respectively in the east and in the west, in which Ksitigarbha, the Sudhana and the Naga Maiden were worshiped. Mountaingate Hall is next building down, in which there is Mi-ji Vajrapanis and General Heng and Ha. The Arhats Hall is next to it in the south, in which there five hundreds arhats, Samantabhadra and Manjusri. The first building in the south is a monumental archway.  ChangtaiTemple frequently holds religious activities and is famous for it.

Solo Adventure Tips:


in Taiyang Mountain Scenic Area, Changtu County, Tieling

How to Get There?

There are shuttle buses in Tieling train station.

Ticket Price:

10 yuan per person

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

The best seasons to visit Changtai Temple are from May to October.

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