Tieling Museum

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Brief Introduction:

Tieling museum is the comprehensive museum of local history, which was invented by national government and run by the local government. Its floor space is 7,000 square meters but its building area is 6,800 square meters. The main architecture of Tieling Museum is the exhibition building with three and half a floor above the earth and one underground, which has four exhibition halls, 4,000 square meters. The museum includes other establishments, academic report halls, service department, collection storerooms, security service center, etc..

The museum owns more than 5000 collection items, most of which are unearthed relics from the north part of Liaoning. Rare collections can be found here: bronze Yue of Shang and Zhou Dynasties, hollowed-out bronze ornaments of West Han Dynasty, the inscription of the tomb of Xiao Yi who was prime minister of Bei Prefecture in the later periods of Liao Dynasty, etc..

Tieling Museum sets two permanent special exhibitions: the exhibition of historical relics of North Liaoning and the exhibition of Tieling’s local history. The former, with the development process of North Liaoning as the main line and unearthed relics as the base of the show, reproduces nearly ten thousand years of local social production and living conditions, and truly tells what great cultural achievements the people in North Liaoning have made in different historical periods. The latter, with typical specimens, products and models, pictures and data information and so on, comprehensively and generally shows what natural source and products Tieling has, what historic treasure Tieling owns, and in what direction Tieling’s material and spiritual civilizations will develop; it also shows the visitors the power to build that the people in North Liaoning here have and the rosy picture of sustainable development of the place.

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