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Qianye Lake

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The vast snow world for touring in Qianye Lake is a ski run in the city. Incorporating food, drink, play, and accommodation into a whole, decorated with ice and snow, it highlights the need of tourists with its comprehensive, safe and stimulating programs. With an area of 16,000m², it is the first ski run built during the period of Japan and Puppet Army Times in China.

Snow world is embraced by mountains, witnessing its limpid pool, lasting snowing season, high quality ice, gentle sloop, long snow path, and intensive projects in order. Integrating ice, snow, ice lantern, and ice carving, you may enjoy yourself with ice and snow in winter, playing water in summer, admiring flowers in spring and picking fruits in fall. What’s more, the dimensional crossing itineraries both in cable cars from the sky and on the ice on the earth invigorate the old ski run quite a lot. On Christmas Eve, Qianye Lake always holds large-scale exhibition of ice lanterns, ice carving, fireworks, Night of Revelry, and also various games for entertainment.

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How to Get There?
Train from Beijing at 11:10am arrives at Tonghua at 7:35 am the next day. Take taxi there at price of 10yuan.

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Qianye Lake is characterized by short distance to the downtown, convenient transportation, clear water and tasteful fish. Indeed, it is such a feast eating the fish of Qianye Lake. The Mongolian village around Qianye Lake is also featured with roasted sheep, blessing of hada, the aroma of the milk tea in the prairie. Night of Revelry is held on schedule every Christmas Eve. Snow Football Game, Angling, Beaching Volleyball, Swimming, Iron Man Triathlon, Bonfire Party and other recreations and sports are also often held here.

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