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Wunv Peaks Forest Park

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

The park has ten main spectacles representing the local unique resources of animals and plants, and charming natural sights. The natural sights include Wunv Peaks (Shaonv Peak, Yunv Peak, Xiunv Peak, Chunnv Peak, Shengnv Peak), Wangfeng Platform, Saint Gigantic Stone, secluded valley and falling water, seas of pine trees, Stone ladies observing mountains, Tiger Col, Caves, Tiger cliff, Wofo Cave, etc. In addition, the ancient city, strategic passes, battlefields, stone pits of Goguryeo, and sites of join force between the First Army lead by General Yang Jinyu and the Second Army lead by General Wei Zhengmin of allied armies against Japan and sites of renowned site of Laoling Meeting. All the attractions are charming and imposing.

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