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Tonghua Travel Guide

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Tonghua Overview

Known as the City of Hill in the northern China, Tonghua is located in the southeastern part of Jilin Province. It meets Baishan City in the east; adjoins Liaoning Province in the west, connects Jilin City and Liaoyuan City in the north, overlooks Democratic People's Republic of Korea with river between them in the south. It is one of the three ports open to North Korea. Covering an area of 15,600 km2and a population of slightly more than 2.3million, Tonghua currently has jurisdiction over two cities at county level--Hekou City, Ji’an City, three counties-Liuhe County, Huinan County, Tonghua County, and two districts directly under the municipality-Donglv District, Erdaojiang District. What’s more, Tonghua is an open border city upon approval of the central government.

Located in the economic development belt of Yalv River in Changbai Mountain, Tonghua is the only way to Changbai Mountain. It represents itself in abundant resources: charming landscape, unique natural and human scenery, and numerous attractions. Ji’an, a historical and cultural city, preserves most of the relics of history and culture of Goguryeo ethnic group 1500 years ago. The Tomb of a General, praised as ‘Oriental Pyramid’, Gwanggaeto Stele, the Wukui Tombs, No.1 Tomb in Changchuan, and Wandu Mountain City are all of national-level key protection units. Delta Dragon (Chinese Dragon) Bay National Forest Park in Huinan County possesses ancient city walls, ancient bacon towers, and sites of battlefields. Yuhuang Temple in Yuhuang Mountain Park of Tonghua witnessed its long history and endless stream of pilgrims. What’s more, Jinchang Ski Run, regarded as the Cradle of Skiing, is the earliest skiing center found in China. It has hosted National Ski Race for seven times with its comprehensive facilities. Road of Ginseng, Resort of Wanwan River, Wukui Mountain Park, Mopan Lake Park in Meikou city are all ideal places for your vacations. The featured itinerary tour on cultural relics, natural scenery, winter snow, folk customs, Road of Ginseng, Volcano Lake in Changbai Mountains, industrial development, and ecotourism have appealed to numerous tourists from home and abroad.