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Annt frescos in the tumulus of Liao Dynasty of Kulun Qi

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Tong Liao city boasts a large amount of Liao Dynasty tumulus with vast distribution. One of the earliest tumulus with distinct features are Huolin Guole, Yu Liang Bao of Ker Qin area. The middle and late tumulus are Ker Qing Hou Qi tumulus of Tu and Liao Dynasty, the second forestry center of Ker Qing area, No.1,2,3, 4 tumulus of Kulun Qi, the tumuli of Princess of Chen and her husband. In tumulus of Liao Dynasty of Kulun Qi, unearthed precious ancient frescos in the tumulus of Liao Dynasty

No 1 ancient fresco in the tumulus of Liao Dynasty of Kulun Qi is Peony picture with roch and lake. No 1 is a dooryard with four layers of fresco in the north and south. The second floor from below is rock, lake and two peonies. The lake and rock was drawn by light Chinese ink, and then redrawn by heavy Chinese ink. The two peonies grow beside the rock with flourishing branches and leaves. The style of drawing is agility and close to realistic. Between the two flowers, there is a dancing butterfly. The peonies are thriving with a harmonious match of green leaves and red petals. 

No 2 ancient frescos in the tumulus of Liao Dynasty of Kulun Qi is Picture of Returning that demonstrate the scene of return of the master of the tomb. The old man wears a long gown and boot with little moustache, facing towards the tomb. Behind him there stands a warrior with a black cloth covering his head and little moustache. He wears tight black coat with foot-binding and hemp shoes. His left hand is before his chest, and his right hand holding a yataghan facing towards the tomb. There is a cart with big wheels standing towards the door of the tomb. The end of the drape in the front rolls up, the head of thill has a leather strips with a cooper loop outside. The back of the cart rests with parcels. On the left wheel kneels two camels, one staring ahead, and the other one stretching its head forward. In front of the camel, a younger driver goes down on his knees and sits on the earth. His right hand touches the earth, his left hand rests on his knees, and he talks with the old man with sideways.

No 6 ancient frescos in the tumulus of Kulun Qi is The picture of going hunting. The whole picture is of 12 meters. The characters are all about of 1.65 height. The magnitude is basically the same size of real characters. This picture vividly shows the picture of going hunting with distinctive theme prioritized. 

No 1 to 7 ancient frescos in the tumulus of Kulun Qi are as follows. No 1 tumulus include, besides Peony picture with roch and lake , Water lily, Bamboo and Crane, Manservant, Maid, the God of Door in the south wall, the God of Door in the North wall. No 2 Liao tumulus includes, besides Picture of Returning, The Picture of Going out. No 6 Liao tumulus includes, besides The picture of going hunting, The Picture of Returning from Hunting. No 7 tumulus including The Picture of Going Out and The Picture of Returning. 


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