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Buddhist tower of Yuan Dynasty in Kailu County

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The Buddhist tower of Yuan Dynasty, located in the White Tower Park in the southeastern part of Kailu Town, Kailu County, is a brick tower in the shape of an inverted alms bowl. Since the tower is all white, it is also named “White Tower”. It is a symbol of the gradual richness and powerfulness of the Mongolian ethnic, and is also a witness of the long history of national culture.

The Buddhist tower, a key cultural relic under national protection, was initially built between 1287 A.D. and 1297 A.D. The white tower enjoys not only a long history but also a delicate construction. It is well preserved and, at the same time, has a profound culture. The tower is made up of several floors, the bottom of which is a square pedestal. Above the pedestal, it is a base altar in inverted bowl’s shape, under which is a coronary cylinder and above which is a shrine. The body of the tower, which has eight angles in 13 floors, rests on the altar. Each floor shrinks a little from the bottom to the top, and gradually forms the shape of a taper. The top of the tower is made up of disks and mounds. The whole tower is like a sword pointing to the sky, which makes it even more magnificent. It is a typical Buddhist tower in the shape of an inverted alms bowl and as early as in the years of Republic of China.

Scholars and men of letters all praised and made poetry for the tower. As for the time when the white tower was built, different people hold different opinions: first, it is said to be built in Liao Dynasty; second, it is said to be built at the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty; third, it is said to be built in Yuan Dynasty. Though a unified opinion cannot be agreed on, a large proportion of people believe that it was built in Yuan Dynasty. And according to some people, the shape and the characteristics of its construction show it belongs to the Buddhist towers of Yuan Dynasty.

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