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Daqinggou Natural Reserve

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There is a big gully which is 24 kilometers long in the west of vast Kerqin Grassland. There are luxuriant trees and beautiful flowers in and around the gully. A long clear stream originated from many small springs runs through the bottom of the gully. On the banks of the gully, trees and grasses grow thickly. There are also mixtures of evergreen and deciduous trees, arbor and bush, flowers and grasses, stream and sand.

This is Daqinggou National Natural Reserve, known as a wonder in the desert called Green Pearl in the Kerqin Sand. The Daqinggou and Xiaoqinggou gullies run through the scenic area from south to north and form a Y pattern. The gully is 24 kilometers long, 100 meters deep and 200 to 300 meters wide. It is a natural treasure for wide plants and animals. The known plant species are more than 700 and animal species are over 170 now. It has deep gully and dense forest. And the unique landscape won it a good reputation as Oasis in the Desert. There are three scenic areas in Daqinggou, namely, Daqinggou Looking Far Scenic Area, Sanchakou Drift Exploration Scenic Area and Xiaoqing Lake Vacation Village Scenic Area. Under the prerequisite of not destroying the ecological environment and original view, some of the actives are developed, such as drift exploration, roaming the desert, horse-riding on the grassland and folk custom performances.

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Take coach bus from Tongliao Bus Station to Kulun banner. Then take motorcycle from Kulun Banner to the scenic area.

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