Molimiao Sand Lake Scenic Area

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Introduction to the tourist spot

Known as “West Lake in Tongliao” and “Pearl on Sand”, the scenic area has lush pasture, stout and strong sheep, beautiful sight, singing birds and fragrant flowers. At present, Molimiao Sand Lake Scenic Area has not only won fame both at home and abroad for the largest desert reservoir in Asia and the long man-made sandbank in the world, but also attracted tourists for the mysterious Moli Temple and beautiful scenery as “Pearl on Sand”. It also has the famous Eight Scenes of Sand Lake, namely, Moli Temple, Eight Willows Ground, Green Lotus Pool, Xiangshui Bridge, Turtle Pool Island, South Sea Peninsula, Bird’s Nest Archipelago and Arctic Water Restaurant. The local and national characteristics are very attractive for tourists, such as Mongolian yurts and Fish Feast. This bright pearl on sand lake is the proud of people in Tongliao, and a special scenic area in north of the Great Wall. Every year, about 200,000 to 300,000 tourists from China or aboard visit here.

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How to Get There?
There is Molimiao Sand Lake Scenic Area Special bus line in Tongliao urban area.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
08:30 am — 8:00 pm (summer and autumn) 08:30 am — 6:00 pm (winter and spring)

More Tips:
★Tips: The Molimiao Sand Lake Scenic Area has good board and lodging services, as well as various entertainment facilities. There is a Five-person Restaurant and a Food Street in the scenic area, which is able to receive 2,000 customers at one time. The fish produced in the reservoir has no contamination and is in various breeds, such as South Yangtze River Fish, North Great Wall Carp, crucian carp, precious whitebait, soft-shelled turtle and Wuchang Fish. There are large pleasure boats, water cycles, bumper boats and motor boats for the tourists. The Ten Thousand Baths and Huwan Sand provide water baths and sand baths for the tourists. Tourists can also sing and dance in the splendid singing and dancing hall, as well as open-air dancing place. Besides, the scenic area provides many other entertainment services in the business street, angling place, Buddha Palace, Photo Department and so on.

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