Ruins of Great Wall in the State of Yan

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Introduction to the tourist spot

State of Yan is one of the states in the 11th century AD governed by the nobles who was granted title and territories from the emperor in the Zhou Dynasty. The family name of the King in the State of Yan is Ji. The founding emperor is Shaogong Shi. The capital is Ji (Now southwestern part of Beijing City). A new capital was set up in the period of Zhao Emperor in Wuyang (Now southeast of Yi County in the Henan Province), which is called Xiajun. The state of Yan locates in the present north part of Hebei Province and west part of Liaoning Province. It covers a large area. It borders on the State of Qi and State of Zhao in the south. And it is bounded by the nomads, such as Donghu. As recorded in the historical documents, the State of Yan had constructed two Great Walls in order to defend the attack from neighbor states. One is the Southern Great Wall; the other is the Northern Great Wall. The Great Wall in Tongliao is the Northern Great Wall in the State of Yan. It runs through the Naiman Banner and Kulun Banner in the southern part of Tongliao City. This section of Great Wall in the territory of Tongliao is 125 kilometers. It stretches from Aohan Banner of Chifeng City to Tuchengzi Village, Naimen Banner of Tongliao City. It first runs through Qijiazi, Xingshuyuanzi and other villages to the Cow River. Then taking the river as the barrier to the 20 kilometers north, the Great Wall continues to stretch to the east from the east bank of the Cow River. It passes through the north foot of Hama Mountain, Kougennan, Chaoyanggou and other places before reaches the west low-lying area of Ping’an Village in Kulun Banner. Then the wall continues to stretch to the east until reaching Xianjinsumu of Kulun Banner. It goes to the Fuxin County of Liaoning Province after that. This section of ruins of the Great Wall in the State of Yan was built in rammed earth and brick. It is 1meter to 2 meters tall, and 6 meters to 8 meters wide.

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