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The residence of Prince Naiman

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Introduction to the tourist spot

Located in Daqin Tala Town where the government of Naiman Qi is situated, the residence of Prince Naiman is the only well-preserved residence of prince of Qing Dynasty in the autonomous region. The residence of Prince Naima, where the chief of Naiman Qi of Qing Dynasty - Prince Zhasakerdolodaer lived, was built in the second year of Tongzhi Era of Qing Dynasty (1863 A.D.), with a total number of more than 190 rooms in the shape of a square yard. The original residence covers an area of about 22500 square metes, with four trapezium puddle walls, 2 meters in width at the bottom, 1 meter in width at top and 4 meters in height. Four turrets stand at the four corners, which contributes more stateliness to the yard. In addition, there are also engravings and paintings on the windows and doors, splendid halls and corridors, green pine trees, exotic flowers and rare herbs as well as ancient trees which almost reach the sky. All of these make the yard extraordinarily quiet and tasteful.

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