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Zhuri River Prairie Scenic Area

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/30

Introduction to the tourist spot

The Prairie Scenic Area covers an area of 6,000 mu (4 million square kilometers). And the total building area is 3,250 square kilometers. The whole design gives prominent to the national style. Looking down at the tourist spot from above, it looks like an eagle spreading its wings. Situated on a platform of 1.2 meters tall, the five welcome yurts are grand, magnificent and beautiful in elegant patterns. On the east and west sides are the splendid banqueting hall and singing, dancing and entertainment hall. Tourists can get some idea of the life and enjoyment of the “nation on the horse” by living here. There is a track of 998 meters long in the due south of the building complex. It is a horse racing course in international standard, where the Tongliao horse racing festival is held annually. The scenic area provides rich and colorful activities in strong national flavor for the tourists, for example, train of horses welcomes the guests, horse racing performance, memorial ceremony for the Mongolian yurt, Boke performance (Mongolian wrestle), visiting the herdsman’s house, Damulu (Mongolian archery), riding camels, Riding Lele Carriage, bonfire evening party and folk performance.

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How to Get There?
Tourists can go to the scenic area either by bus or by train. Train No. 6796 starts from Tongliao Station at 8:00 am, and arrives at Caoyuan Muchang Station (Prairie Station) at 9:49 am. Train No. 6798 starts from Zhusihua Station at 8:26 am, and arrives at Caoyuan Muchang Station (Prairie Station) at 2:29 pm.

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More Tips:
★ Tips: In the scenic spot, tourists can taste the “mutton eating with hands” with Kerqin Grassland flavor and other Mogolian food, such as roasted whole sheep, all kinds of milchigs and milky tea. Tourists can also enjoy the singing while eating food. The Mongolian folk songs are as unique as that in Loess Plateau. You can enjoy the unique flavor and character of Mongolian nation on horse. It is an unforgettable enjoyment for the tourists.

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