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Tongliao Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/30

Tongliao Overview

The total area of Tongliao City is 59,535 square kilometers. There is one city, one county, one district and five banners (Banner is an administrative division of county level in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) under the jurisdiction of Tongliao, namely, Huolinguole City, Kailu County, Kerqin District, Kezuo Zhong Banner, Kezuo Hou Banner, Kulun Banner, Naiman Banner and Zhalute Banner. The Kerqin District, where the municipal government is located, is the political, economic and cultural center of the whole city. The residents of Tongliao are from 32 nationalities, including Mongolian, Han, Man, Hui, Korean and Dahaner. The total population is 3,072,000. 1,328,000 of it are Mongolians, which makes up 43.2 % of the population in this city, as well as one third of that in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and one fourth of that in the whole nation. So it is a place which has the largest group of Mongolians in the Autonomous Region, even in China. The famous tourist attractions here include Daqinggou National Natural Reserve, which is known as Underground Forrest, the largest reservoir in Desert in China, Molimiao Reservoir, and the Zhuri River Prairie Tourist Area, which is characterized by the Mongolian features.