Fresh water Dolphin Nature Reserve

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The first place in the world to raise and protect white-flag dolphins and cowfishes in another place by making use of semi-natural conditions. Its main purpose is to protect the national first-class and second-class aquatic rare animals preserved till present in the middle and lower reaches of Changjiang River(from Sanjiangkou to Digang). It is located in Jiajiang that is 1600 meters long and 220 meters wide. In the shoal, the willows are waving gently with light cloud and clear wind. On the river, the aquatic birds are playing with waves with the shadows of trees at the bank dancing gracefully. The beautiful landscape and pleasant scenery entitle it to be a perfect spot for raising fresh-water dolphins. In Sep.1986, Anhui People’s Government gave the official permission to build “Anhui Tongling White-flag Dolphin Raising and Protection Spot”. The project was formally started on Dec.28, 1987 and finished in 1994, when it successfully passed the inspection of National Environmental Protection Bureau. During that period, a total fund of 15,000,000 yuan has been invested. A batch of white-flag dolphin cultivation and scientific research facilities are built, such as entrance and exit gate dams, pontoon for fetching water, pool for temporary raising, therapeutic pool, experimental building, fodder base and hygienic protection system for dolphin bodies, etc. At the same time, the aquarium and specimen center with rich varieties of animals have been simultaneously built. Among them, the river dolphin, Japanese fancy carp, giant salamander, Chinese alligator, Chinese sturgeon fish, river carp, mullet and other fishes of Changjiang raised in the aquarium, has a high value of appreciation and promoting environmental protection knowledge, etc. by offering a good place as traveling, sightseeing and entertaining for a lot of tourists. Also, it provides a good classroom for youngsters to learn knowledge on biology and environmental protection. Besides, the protection area has made a remarkable progress on scientific research and successfully cultivated a new generation of “river dolphin.”

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Take a taxi to get off at Datong town then get there on foot.

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Recommended tourist time: two hours

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