Heaven Well Lake Park

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Heaven Well Lake is naturally divided by Di Hill into East Lake, South Lake and North Lake. The water of the three lakes is connected with one another. There is a well in the lake with the name of Heaven Well. The lake got its name from the well, and the park from the lake. Surrounding the lakes there are seven massifs, each bearing its uniqueness. Heaven Well Lake is locally called Heaven Mirror Lake, which is so clear that you can see the bottom of it with smooth waves on it just like the mirror. The legend says that the Lake has Heaven Well Wonder, which “stretches into the sky at the top and plunges into the sea at the bottom”. The constructors of the park who made use of the beautiful sceneries of mountain and water, has elaborately designed successively more than 30 traveling and resting places and scenic spots such as Children’s Playing Park, Roller-skating Rink, Yadht Quays, Heaven Well Tearoom, Yiqin Garden and Long Passage and Water-side Pavilion ,Nine-winded Bridge, Sky-towering Pavilion and Peony Garden, etc. It can be indeed said that famous mountains and beautiful lakes vie for beauty together, new sceneries competing with old relics. The fairy of poem in Tang dynasty, Libai ever wrote the poem: “I love the fun of Tongguan and haven’t planned to return after hundreds of years. If you want to dance with long sleeves, you must come to Wusong Mountain.

Copper Culture Plaza

The copper culture is a part of Heaven Well Lake Park. It is located right in front of the city administrative center with an area of 110,000 square meters. With copper culture as its core and “woods culture” and “water culture” as its basic tone, it is an ecological plaza that sufficiently embodies the city image of Tongling with distinct characteristics of copper culture.

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