Luosi Mountain Scenic Area

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Located at the east end of Tongling downtown and northern side of Yangtze River Eastern Road, the scenic area is composed of several mountains including Luosi Mountain, Qingshi Mountain, Wen Mountain and Wu Mountain,etc. The total area reaches over 1,500 acres. Qingshi Mountain, the highest one, has an altitude of 156meters and Luosi Mountain, the major scenic spot, is 111 meters high. Since the construction of “Youth Park” started in 1985 in the scenic area, scenic spots such as Jade Building, Layered Pavilion, Maple Pavilion, Sunrise-Sightseeing Spot, Cloud Ladder of one hundred steps, Red Maple Garden and Luosi Mountain Plaza, etc have been built successively. Also, the scenic area has become a part of “The Forest Park at Capital of Copper”, in which there are scores of trees such as horse-tail pine trees, cedar wood, genus Paulownia, wingceltis  Pterocarya stenoptera locust, wide-leaf elm,etc. with the vitality wood reaching 6000 cubic meters. The whole area is full of luxurious trees towering into the sky and dotted with beautiful things with unique styles, having another kind of flavor. Especially, the overlook of the city from Jade Building, the joy of viewing Yangtze River and the tour at Luosi Mountain Plaza for entertainment have become one of the downtown hot tourist spots attracting citizens and tourists.

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There are tourist coaches from downtown directly to the scenic area with the ticket price of about 40 yuan per person going there and back.

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Recommended tourist Time: 2 hours

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