Mt. Phoenix Scenic Area

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A brief introduction to the scenic spot

Mt.Phoenix is composed of Heng Mountain, Mian Mountain, Lingfeng Mountain, Tan Mountain and Jin Mountain, etc with a shape like the phoenix. As early as Jingtai period of Ming dynasty, the poet ZhouDuo has ever written 16 poems that formed a collection of “the eight sceneries of Phoenix” with the aim to praise Mt.Phoenix. One of them says: “The mountain covers half the sky outside Lu Mountain, the spring converges at the lonely stone well. Hundreds of years after you take a sip at Phoenix, there are still relics taken down from one generation to another.” The scenic area was ascertained to be provincial scenic resort in 1998. The present main scenic spots include Peony Garden, Lovesick Tree, water-dropping Cliff, Landing Stone of Phoenix, Gold Ox Cave Ancient Mining Relics, Jinlang Ancient Well-known Tree, Grave of Cheng Zhu, Daming Temple ( Wangjinggong Study)etc.

Tongling Gold Ox Cave Ancient Mining Relics

The place has been a knoll in early time with an ancient cave at the mountainside of it. The folk legend says that the fairy ox came down to the world without permission, then it didn’t want to return because of its intoxication of the beautiful scenery of Mt.Phoenix. The emperor of the heaven has called it for many times. Then, the ox bored into the hill and changed into gold, silver and copper. The Gold Ox Cave thus got its name.

Since 1980’s, the local mass mined for iron here in open air. Day by day, the hill was dug flat, and people continued to dig and mine, which formed an open-air mining place ten meters deep, and the ancient mining wells and digging relics were revealed at the side slope. Judging from the structure of ancient mining wells and digging tools and pottery living appliances, it can be inferred that the age of Gold Ox Cave Relics started in Spring and Autumn Period.

In 1992, Tongling government gave orders that the iron-mining must be stopped here, At the same time, it started the repair work to save Gold Ox Cave, which built 92 cement pillars around the relics for protection. After that, the cave became the second ancient copper relic that is opened to public after Tonglvshan Ancient Copper Relic in the country.

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There are direct buses from downtown to the scenic spot. It takes you about one hour to get there.

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All day around

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Recommended tourist time: half day

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