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Shiqian Hot Spring

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Thanks to its special geological formation, Shiqian County has rich terrestrial heat resources with about 17 big hot springs. 

South Shiqian Hot Spring:

It is located at the foot of Songming Mountain, south of Shiqian County, 30 meters from Saddle Cave of Longchuan River. The hot spring, with water temperature of 47.50C and coming-out capacity of 45.83 tons per hour, effuses from the cracks of stones and then flows continuously with seething heat into Longchuan River.

Hot spring has very good medicinal functions. Take a hot spring bath in winter, you will feel warm through; in summer, you will feel completely relaxed; at night, you will have a sound sleep; during a tiring trip, you will feel refreshed.

Historical legend:

Long ago, a geomancer was driving a fire dragon out of Yunnan Province. When arriving at Shiqian County, he found the county had very beautiful scenery and abundant products, and what’s more, the people here were very simple and diligent. He would not like to leave. So, he locked the fire dragon on the riverbed, with its tail stretching at Yunnan Province and it head at Shiqian County. While breathing, the dragon would burst forth hot spring from the underground for the people in Shiqian County to take a bath and wash clothes. When dying, the geomancer asked people to bury him in the woods on a hill in the north of the county and then build a three-storied stone pagoda to lock the fire dragon underground forever so that it could always bring hot spring to the people in Shiqian County.

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