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Yelang Valley

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Yelang Valley, known as a mysterious valley, is 15 kilometers long from east to west, 200-650 meters deep, and about 30 meters wide. It is like an abysmal slit on the earth torn up by a giant, giving you sources of imagination. Standing on the mountain, looking down at the deep valley, you will find almost everything is quiet. Birds seldom sing loudly, winds blow gently and trees almost stand still. Suddenly, you may be amazed by dozens of waterfalls pouring down from the caves on the cliffs, as if they were from heaven. For thousands of years, no one has ever settled in Yelang Valley. Its secludedness, quietness, and mystery have made it more fascinating. Now, through the joint development of Wanshan and Xinhuang local governments, Yelang Valley has been partly unveiled and accessible to tourists.

Historical legend:

In the eighth year of Zhenguan Reign of the Tang Dynasty, Yelang County (now Xinhuang County) began to be constructed. The construction lasted 108 years, which partly reflected the profound Yelang Culture. Now, Yelang Valley still has many scenic spots and legends about King Yelang. The scenic spots such as Turning-Around Ape, Two Lions Safeguarding King Yelang, King Yelang Hill, King Yelang’s Signet, King Yelang Temple, and Hanging Coffin Cave, together with related oral stories, have added mysterious and soul-stirring color to Yelang Valley.

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How to Get There?
Yelang Valley can be reached by buses from Tongren City, Wanshan Special Zone, and Yuping County as well as Huaihua City, Zhijiang County, and Xinhuang County of Hunan Province.

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More Tips:
When visiting Yelang Valley, which is quite steep and precipitous, tourists should listen to their tour guide and should not climb recklessly just in case.

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