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Jiulong Cave

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/25

Jiulong Cave is a huge karst water-eroded cave, where stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes look transparent and fantastically beautiful when reflected by colorful lights. In addition, true- to-nature stone flowers, curtains, birds and animals can be found everywhere, adding life and fun to the cave. Dozens of stalactites are over 20 meters long, the longest one being 39.98 meters with a diameter of 16.4 meters, the longest in China.

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How to Get There?
There are two routes to go from Tongren City to Jiulong Cave. One route: Take a bus at Tongren Northern Bus Station to Yangtou Township, get off at Jiulong on the way, turn right and walk about 100 meters to the bank of Jinjiang River, go by boat to the opposite bank and arrive at the foot of Guanyin Mountain. 1 yuan (RMB) is charged for powerboat, and 0.5 yuan (RMB) for man-rowed boat. The other route: Go by powerboat at Ximen Bridge in Tongren City to the foot of Guanyin Mountain. A boat is to set off every 30 minutes, charging 20-30 yuan (RMB) per person. Charting a boat is also available if there are enough passengers. By either route, to get to Jiulong Cave, which is on the mountainside of Guangyin Mountain, you still need to walk for about one hour. When it rains and the path gets muddy, you can ride a horse, 10-15 yuan (RMB) charged per person.

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