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In 1992, the geographical center of Eurasia was sought and measured by scholars from the Xinjiang branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The center is located at east longitude 87°19′52″, and north latitude 43°40′37″. The findings attest to the fact that Urumqi is the most inland city in the world. The exact center is a place called Jiacaozi village, a small rural town consisting of about 30 families. From this village, there is Mount Bogeda in the east, Mount Tian in the south, the Toutun River in the west and the Junger Basin in the north. Standing in the pinpointed center of Eurasia is a truly unique experience and offers numerous travel options in every direction.

Solo Adventure Tips:


   Baojiacaozi Village, Yongfeng County; 30 kilometers southwest of Urumchi

How to Get There?

Ticket Price:
RMB 30

Opening Hours:
whole day

More Tips:
Recommended time: half a day

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