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Baiyanggou is the famous summer resort enchanting numerous tourists every year. It is 75 kilometers from the city proper. Arriving here, tourists can get a glimpse of the picturesque scenery of natural pasture, peaks, grassland and spring. They can pay a visit to the local family and the host and hostess would extend their most warmest welcome to you with delicious milk tea. Most of the folks are extremely hospitable. After having some exquisite local flavoured snacks, tourists can choose to ride a horse to enjoy the scenery around. What's more, there is a 40 meters waterfall lying at the deepest place of the Baiyanggou Valley. THe water pour down rapidly and numerous spay spattering in the air. What a lovable and intoxicating scenery!

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It is located south of Urumqi suburb, 75 kilometers away from the city proper.

How to Get There?
take the route bus which goes directly to the Biyanggou at the gate of the People's Park befor half past eight in the morning

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