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Shanxi Mosque

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Shanxi Mosque can accommodate 1000 people praying at the same time. It was constructed during Qianlong and Jiaqing Period of Qing Dynasty and reconstructed at 1906AD, the thirty-second year of Guangxu Period. It is now the key cultural relic protection unit of the autonomous region. Different from other mosques, it is of the traditional brick and wood structure of the central region of China.

The building faces east and has a height of 10-odd meters. With forty red pillars, it is magnificent and beautiful. Over the arch, there carves “Akcoran” which is so delicate. The rear part is Moon Pavilion. It is the place for Iman to observe the moon and declare fast. This kind of octagon pavilion is very rare in Sinkiang. 

Solo Adventure Tips:

It is located north of Jianzhong Road, Urumchi.

How to Get There?

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Opening Hours:
10:00 – 12:00

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Recommended time: half a day

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