Fuhua Amusement park

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With the reputation of "Number one park of Shandong" and the "finest amusement park in eastern China", Fuhua Amusement Park has met the current world-wide advanced technological levels.

There are more than 40 attractions in the Park, such as 56 miles-high Ferris Wheel, adventurous and exciting 888 miles-long Double Loop Coaster, 46 miles-high Parachute Tower, Space Flight ,"Crazy Mouse", Rushing in the water and ever-changing Peak Explorer Motion Simulator. The merry land above water includes more than 10 items of recreation, such as 18 miles-high platform slide, helical slide and splashing pool for children.

By merging living, dining, travel and shopping into an organic whole, Fuhua Amusement park has a certain strange fascination.

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Weifang, Shandong Province

How to Get There?

You could get to the park by the bus of No.16, No.20 No.21 and No.52.

Ticket Price:

20 yuan for the entrance ticket. Through ticket price: you may choose 80 yuan or 100 yuan for the adults and 40 yuan for the children.

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

Take the bath towel and swim suit if you want to join the amusement with water.

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