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Qingzhou Yunmen Mountain Scenic Spot

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Brief introduction of the scenic spot

Yunmen Mountain is located southwest of Qingzhou and its highest peak is 421m high. The different mountains are protruding like a continuous high mountain. On the top of the mountain lies a cave running from the south to the north. Seen from the distance, it looks like a mirror hanging in the sky. In summer and fall, cloud and mist curl across Yunmen Mountain like a fairyland. That is the reason why Yunmen Mountain gains its name. Five Buddhist Caves and 272 Buddhist statues were built in Sui and Tang dynasties(581AD-907AD)—the earliest statues during the reign of Emperor Kaiyuan [the first emperor of Sui Dynasty (581AD-618AD)]

In the different dynasties, numerous celebrities and scholars ,Ouyang Xiu、Fu Bi、Wang Shizhen、Zhong Yuzheng,etc.,inscribed numerous precious cliffside inscriptions at the mountain. Among them there is the biggest "longevity" symbol (7.5m high and 3.5m wide). Only the word that means "inch" under "longevity" has a height of 2.3m. So there is an old saying  "May your age be as the southern mountain; a man is not higher than 1 inch”. A renowned grotto like a winding well in the west of Yun-men Cave is too deep to see the bottom. In the summer and fall, cloud and mist fill Yun-men Cave and hurry to and fro.


Solo Adventure Tips:


Yunmen Mountain is located in 2.5 kilometers southwest of Qingzhou, Weifang.

How to Get There?
Qingzhou scenic spot lies in Qingzhou City of Weifang. You can take either a short-distance bus or a taxi to get there in Weifang.

Ticket Price:

40 yuan.

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

It probably takes one and half hours to visit the whole scenic spot, which enjoys unique charm: Spring: Everything is recovering and vigorous; summer: feel cool because of a variety of vegetation and clear water and mountain. Fall: the trees are dense and full of fruit. Winter: the landscape of snow is impressive and you can experience the happiness of sliding. Best time for tourists: all the year around.

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