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Shanwang Fossil Museum

Last updated by haphine at 2015/11/4

As a county of Linqu village, Weifang, Shanwang is world-famous for all kinds of delicate and complete fossils. Shanwang Fossil Museum is called "treasure-house" "treasure in China" and "Marvel in the world" by experts from home and abroad, which is an integrated museum combines display, education, collection, studying and utilizing together.

With fossils formed 180,000,00 years ago, the museum covers an area of about 1.3 hectares, of which 1,600 square meters is for exhibition halls. It preserves more than 10,000 fossil specimens, which are of over 400 species within 20 families, including insect fossil with traces of wing and claw hair, bat fossil with traces of velamen ala, mouse fossil with hairs, and Oriental Bear, which are all very rare and of high scientific value.

Shanwang Fossil Museum has the greatest concentration of complete bird fossils in China, with Ancient Triangle Deer Fossils and Ursavus Orientalis as the best-preserved fossils of their kinds in Miocene.
With the reputation of “Comprehensive laboratory” to study about the Miocene, the plant fossils in Shanwang Fossil Museum are very important in studying the palaeoecological and palaeoclimatic information, and animal evolution as well.

Shanwang Fossil is just like a "textbook" full of knowledge about nature, which attracts thousands of people to "read" it.


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No 80, Shanwang Road, Linqu County

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40 yuan.

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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