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Shouguang Forest Ecological Garden

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Brief introduction of the scenic spot

It was invested by the mechanical Forest Farm of Shouguang. Relying on foundation of abundant water, forest resources, and diversified economy in the field, the garden was built as a large-scale, eco-tour zone integrating plant cultivating, agriculture comprehensive development of alkaline land, and ecological agricultural tour amusement in 1998.

The total area is over 10,000 mu, which includes stereoscopic raising areas, high-efficient, and advanced production pattern. Varied and colorful activities in amusement have its typical characteristics for a visit, recreation, and holidays. This newly typical provincial eco-tourist garden has many irreplaceable resources such as Buchen Lake, gathering of wild birds, brine hot spring, etc. and numerous additional travel projects like lotus root, fishing, and cultivating production etc.


Solo Adventure Tips:


Yangkou Village, Shouguang County.

How to Get There?
The tourist area has its shuttle services for traveling, departing from Shouguang bus terminal. The guide of self-driving: freeway of Ji’nan-Qingdao—down the exit of Shouguang –drive 35 kilometers to the north of Yanglin road of Shouguang—turn left and drive 10 kilometers to the west in the Yingli town of Shouguang. The whole journey costs you about 50 minutes.

Ticket Price:

30 yuan.

Opening Hours:
All day

More Tips:

It probably takes two hours to visit the whole scenic spot. The garden can satisfy the requirements of eighty people to get accommodation. You can also check in at the hotels of Yangkou harbor (20 kilometers away), Dongying urban areas (30kilometers away), and Shouguang urban area (30kilometers away). The accommodations of the garden can make more than 1,000 people to have dinner at the same time. The environment is nice and wonderful. Shouguang is known as “the township of vegetables”. You may taste fresh and harmless vegetables and see a variety of vegetables of different countries. Best time for tourists: all the year around.

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