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Tuo Mountain

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Many people cross a long distance just to appreciate the unique scenery in Tuo Mountain-the biggest Grotto Carving group in East China, which has been a famous tourist attraction since Qi period of China. With the shape of camel, it is rich in the forest resource with the cover rate 89.1%. Together with Yunmen Mountain and Pi Mountain, they were praised as emerald greens to make Qi city into a beautiful picture.

The Tuo Mountain is notable because there are not only steep mountains, age-old cypresses, winding stairs and hundreds of plants, but also many kinds of cultural relics like Grotto Carving and Haotian Palace. Grotto carving group has been listed as the key national protection of cultural relics.

The middle of Tuo Mountain is the terrace to watch the 2500 miles-long Buddha statue with well-featured face; the mouth, nose, ehai and Adam's' apple particularly, are vivid and astonishing.

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 4 kilometers southwest of Qingzhou County

How to Get There?

You can get there by the special tourist bus.

Ticket Price:

40 yuan.

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