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Weifang Anqiu Qingyun Mountain Folk Custom Amusement Park

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Brief introduction of scenic spot

Qingyun Mountain Folk Custom Amusement Park, one of the first batches of travel scenic spots of AAA grade, is located in the Kite Capital of the World—thirty kilometers in the south of Weifang. Having typical characteristics of folklore culture, it is a large-scale comprehensive travel scenic spot that integrates travel, tour, recreation, relaxation, and shopping.

Relying on its natural topography, the garden consists of six zones: gardens featuring beautiful landscape, ethical custom, wild animals, recreation, the folk customs of Qi, Lu states, and the peach blossom land. The performance of typical characteristics in the park has continuous excellent plays with splendor appearance.


Solo Adventure Tips:


30 kilometers south of Weifang city.

How to Get There?
Self-driving: Qingdao Direction: down the Ji'nan-Qingdao freeway and get off at the Weifang east station, drive two miles to Qingchi town and drive 26 kilometers to the south, or along Jiaozhou Bay freeway to Jiaozhou, and directly in the north after driving west to National Road 206 in the west.(the whole journey costs you 2.5h). Ji’nan direction: get off at the west and middle of Weifang station in Ji’nan-Qingdao freeway and drive thirty kilometers to the north directly (the whole journey costs you 3h). Linyi、Rizhao direction: Drive the north directly along the National Road 206 (the whole journey costs you 2.5h). Yantai、Rizhao direction: Drive along Weifang-Laizhou freeway and get off at Fangzi station and drive to National Road 206 and turn south (the whole journey costs you 3.5h).

Ticket Price:

27-50 yuan.

Opening Hours:

7:30a.m. — 6:30p.m.

More Tips:

Best time for tourists: All the year around.

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