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Weifang Yangjia Bu Folklore View Garden

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Yangjia Bu Folk View Garden, completed in May, 1986, is the largest domestic factory at present. The garden combines kite production, spring Festival pictures' printing and folklore tour together. The garden is famous for Spring Festival picture workshop, exhibition hall of kite, folklore showroom, Antique Street in Ming and Qing dynasties and the show of wedding folklore. Besides, the tour business of living in the cottage, enjoying local favor, and following the countryside custom attract quite a number of visitors both at home and abroad .It has become a main tie connecting the culture of Weifang with the world.



Solo Adventure Tips:


In the south of Hanting District, Weifang.

How to Get There?

It is very convenient to reach Yangjia Bu with numerous road crossings, with Yanwei national road passing through and Hanqing road running from north to south. Five roads buses could get there from Weifang City. Besides, you can take a taxi.

Ticket Price:

20 yuan/ person.

Opening Hours:


More Tips:

It probably takes around two hours to visit the whole scenic spot.

Best time for tourists: Spring and the period around Spring Festival.Though all the seasons are suitable for traveling, spring and the period around the Spring Festival are the best time. In spring, Weifang will hold the International Kite Festival where you can relish various kite performances. 

During the prominent lunar festivals, such as Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, 2nd, Feb. (a day when the bride will come back to her mother's home) and 23rd, Dec (a festival in honor of Boddhisattva ), large-scale celebrations will be held, such as lifting the bridal sedan chair, flourishing the dragon lanterns, walking on stilts, doing the Yangko, setting off the fireworks and so on.


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