Yishan Mountain National Forest Park

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Brief introduction of the scenic spot

Located in Linqu County of Shandong Province, Mount tai was called "Sea Mount Tai" and "Sea High Mount" in ancient time and was also known as "East Mount Tai" and "Small Mount Tai". It is the national AAAA scenic spot, National Forest Park, and provincial scenic spot. The body of Yi Mount is zigzag, impressive, and full of great momentums. The valley is deep and serene, pregnant with beauty and productive of talent with unique features: steep in the south, peculiar in the north, graceful in the east, and secluded in the west. It is the home of four rivers (Wen, Mi, Qi, and Shu).

The Great Wall of Qi (Feudal State) (821BC-221BC) wound its way through the top of the mountain. Steep peak, bizarre stone, green valley, clear water, old temple, wind soughing of the pines, and cloud mist are amazing. Yi Mount covers a total area of 65 square kilometers. The beautiful peak is 1032 meters above sea level. People call it "the majestic mountain of Shandong". The watching focuses of there are Yuhuang Peak, Crooked Head Mountain, Baizhang Cliff Waterfall, etc.

Solo Adventure Tips:


45 kilometers south of Linqu County.

How to Get There?
It is very convenient for you to visit the park. Three of five arterial highways (Yanglin, Taixue, and Weibo), going by the park from the east, west, and north, put you in a good condition to get access to the park. After reaching Weifang, you can take either Linqu’s short-distance minibus or a taxi to get there.

Ticket Price:

30-50 yuan.

Opening Hours:


More Tips:

It probably takes six hours to visit the whole scenic spot. Eighteen hotels within Mount Yi scenic spot have good hygienic conditions. The price of accommodation ranges from RMB60 to RMB460. It can satisfy the requirements of different people. Best time for tourists: April –November

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