Weifang Transport

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Civil Aviation: 

Airliners destined for Beijing , Shanghai , Dalian , Haikou , Guangzhou , as well as cargo airlines to Shengyang , Shanghai are available at the airport of Weifang.

Central Exchange: 8803788

Fax: 8809534

Airline Inquiry telephone: 0536-8808134, 8587761, 8771460

Freight Inquiry telephone; 0536-8807702, 8808134, 8586757


Jiaozhou-Ji’nan and its double-tracking railways traverse the Weifang City. Located in the south of the District of Weifang City, Weifang station is on the main railway line of Jiaozhou-Ji’nan Railway. Now a variety of expresses and air-conditioned trains can reach a lot of large cities such as Beijing , Shanghai , Taiyuan, Fuzhou, Chengdu , Ji’nan, Zhengzhou , Xi’an, Lanzhou , Xi’ning, Qingdao , Weihai, Yantai, Guangzhou ,etc.

Station consultative service: 8564073

Inquiry number: 0536-4233895

Ticket-booking service: 0536-4217222 4233895

Long-distance bus:

Ji’nan- Qingdao freeway, Weihai freeway, and Dongqing freeway, are main arteries of transportation in the Weifang city’s heart. Besides, numerous provincial and rural roads are also important ingredients of municipal network of traffic. Weifang long-distance bus terminal and commercial town bus terminal are main ones with regular buses destined for big and medium cities nationwide and main cities within Shandong province.

Information office of through and passenger transport center: 8563433

Inquiry telephone of Weifang coach terminal: 8233345, 8232435

Internal Transportation:


There are two types of buses in Weifang: one is manned with conductors or conductresses; the other is self-service bus; the ticket of the former costs 1.5 yuan - 2.0 yuan by RMB on the basis of different stops. The ticket of the latter costs 1 yuan by RMB.


Generally, there are two types of taxis in Weifang: Satana and Xiali taxis. the fare for taxis is RMB5.00 for the first three kilometers and after exceeding three kilometers, the volume of car exhaust over 1.6 vehicles (generally Satana) charge RMB1.6 per kilometer ; the volume of car exhaust lower than 1.6 vehicles (generally Xiali) charge RMB1.4 per kilometer . Between 22.00 and 05.00, an additional 20% night fare will be charged and an additional 50% return fare will be charged for rides longer than 7kilometers. Since Sep 1st, 2005, the customer had been being charged one more yuan for the gasoline fuel at a time.

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