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Huancuilou Tower Park

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Huancuilou Park is named because it is surrounded by mountains and green plants, and also possesses the scenery of sea as well. By climbing Huancuilou building, Liugong Island and the cityscape can be viewed. There is a bronze of Deng Shichang (a general of Beiyang Navy in Qing Dynasty) in front of the park.

Crossing the arch, the pavilions for enjoying the scenery of the sea and the moon can be seen, in front of which is the famous Huancuilou building. Huancuilou building was built in Ming Dynasty, since when many writers and scholars have been to the building to write poems when appreciating the beautiful scenery.

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Located in the center of Weihai City, Huancuilou Tower Park is at the east hillfoot of Xikuago Mountain.

How to Get There?

You can take No.2, No.15, No.18 and No.21 Bus to get there.

Ticket Price:

5 yuan

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