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Liugong Island

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The age-old Liugong Island is holding Beijing and Tianjin and was the birthplace of the earliest naval in recent China - Beiyang Navy. And it is also the ancient battlefield of Jiawu (the war happened during Jiawu Period) Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, thus Liugong Island is names as "the unsinkable battle ship".
As a world-famous national park in Weihai, Liugong Island National Forest Park is a national park comprising both beautiful natural sceneries and rich cultural relics. In the park, there are several historical scenic spots such as the Monument to Martyrs of South Navy (Zhonghunbei), Liugong Pavilion, Qidingshan Gun Deck and Zhonghunbei Gun Deck and several natural attractions. At present, Jiawu Sino-Japanese Warfare Museum has been built on the island. A lot of precious relics can be found there, among which the salvage huge gunboat weights more than 20 tons and is very rear in the world.

Jiawu Sea Warfare Museum is a large scale commemorative museum to display the tragically heroic history of Jiawu Sea Warfare by applying comprehensive arts including architecting, sculpturing, painting and movies. It is made up of 9 parts which could represent the whole process from the buildup of Beiyang Navy to the complete annihilation. The nine parts are: Sequence hall, Buildup of Beiyang Navy, School of Beiyang Navy in the Summer Palace, Bandao Sea Warfare, Pingrang Warfare, Huanghai Sea Warfare, the Lose of Lvshun Base, Battle in Weihai and the End Hall.By applying mordent electronic, light and Sound techniques to create the situation, tourists can "experience" the warfare by ears and eyes. The whole museum is grand and magnificent with a shape as many ships which are striking each other. And there is also a 15- miles-high statue of a navy general on top of the building.

Climbing up to the highest peak of Liugong Island, you can have a panoramic view of the entire island. Travelers of different historical periods have left us many accolades for Liugong Island, such as "a place where you see no dust for ten miles" and "Liugong Island is what we called the dwelling of immortals".


Solo Adventure Tips:


Liugongdao is located at the mouth of Weihai Bay, 2.1 miles from the transport terminal.

How to Get There?

It takes 20 minutes to get to the island from transport terminal of Weihai.

Bus: as Liugong Island is in the center of Weihai, it is very convenient to take a bus to get there. You can take a bus from Harbor Passenger Station, Hualian Building, the Department Store or Commercial Bank.

By ship:
During peak seasons (May to October): you can take the ship every 8 minutes from 7:00 to 16:00.
During off-peak seasons (November to April): you can take the ship every 15 minutes from 7:30 to 15:00.

Ticket Price:

The entrance ticket: 80 yuan/person. And there are many preferential measures to the aged and children.

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

1. Since Liugong Island is an island isolated from the outside world, all goods need to be transported here by ship, thus goods sold on the island is more expensive than those in other places and tourist keepsakes cost several times higher than those sold in other places.

2. There is a sight-seeing ship from Liugong Island to Chengshantou and Hailu Island every day. It starts from Liugong Island at 11:00 and returns to Weihai Tourist Quay at 18:00 and the round-trip ticket costs 100 yuan per person, which includes the charge for one meal. Besides, during the trip from Weihai to Liugong Island, you are recommended to stand at the rear of the ship instead of sitting in the cabin so as to enjoy the beautiful views during the trip.

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