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Rongcheng Tian'ehu Lake Holiday Resort

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There is a legend that this lake is made up by the tears of Emperor Qin Shihuang's wife and the swan is the soul of her. Long ago, Qin Shihuang wanted to go to the Sanxian Island of East Sea to fetch the elixir, so he deployed forces to make a bridge by filling up the sea with sands and asked his wife to send food for him every time when gong sounded. One time a dung beetle knocked the gong and it sounded too early, so his wife sent food soon. Qin Shihuang was so angry that he killed his wife. His wife felt very sad and cried a river, which is called "Tears Lake". People missed her and called her soul come back so thousands of swans flied to the earth from the sky.

Tian'ehu Lake Holiday Resort (Swan Lake Holiday Resort) has distinguishable four seasons with an annual average temperature of 11.8℃ and belongs to the monsoon maritime climate of temperate zone. In the resort area, there is the largest swan habitat in the world—Tian'ehu Lake, which boasts of crystal water, golden beach, azure sky and agreeable climate. From November to April of the following year, there will be thousands of swans, widgeons and wild geese flying from such places as Siberia and Inner Mongolia to Tian'ehu Lake for winter, and therefore it has become the largest swan lake in the world and is praised by experts both at home and abroad as "the Heaven for Swans in the East". Besides, the lake is separated from the sea by only a sandy dam, which forms a natural beach and an ideal location for sand bath that extends for ten thousand meters.

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It is located in Chengshanwei Township at the east-most tip of Jiaodong Peninsula, neighboring with the sea on the eastern and western sides.

How to Get There?
12 kilometers away from Chengshantou ( the ticket costs 3 yuan)

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(1)As the center of the northeastern part of Rongcheng City, it is 28 kilometers from Weihai Airport, 26 kilometers from Weihai New Port, 28 km from Weihai Railway Station.

(2)In summer, tourists come here to escape hot summers and enjoy delicious seafood, take sea bath and watch sea waves; in winter, it is a good place for visitors to watch swans and enjoy beautiful snow scenes. Therefore this place is really an all-year-round tourist attraction.

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