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Weihai World Studio

Last updated by haphine at 2015/11/4

Weihai World Studio is situated by the Western Coast of Weihai City. Neighboring with beautiful mountains and the gigantic sea. The studio boasts of unmatchable natural conditions as well as special and exquisite European-style constructions, making it an attraction combining both classical and modern beauty. Weihai World Studio takes about 500 mu and is divided into three sections, namely, the windmill scenic area, the Cartoon City and the screening area which will be open in turn according to the order of their completion. In the studio, people can shoot out-door actions for films or TV series, take part in public activities, go sightseeing, spend holidays as well as have dinners or hold parties.

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How to Get There?

You can take tourist bus No. 15 which runs nonstop to Weihai World Studio. There will be one bus every 10 minutes from 6 a.m and the ticket costs 1 yuan per person. The entire trip takes about 30 minutes.

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Opening Hours:

8: 00- 18:00

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