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Weihai Airport is situated in Dashuipo Township, Wendeng City, and 40 kilometers away from the city proper of Weihai. Now there are passenger liners from Weihai to such cities as Beijing , Shanghai , Changchun and Guangzhou etc.

Airport Enquiry Tel: 0631-9641172;  0631-8641269.

Tips for Air Transportation:

(1) Weihai Airport provides airport shuttle bus service between the airport and Weihai Railway Station (10 yuan/person).

(2) You can take the airport shuttle bus from two terminal bus stations: Guangming Garden Hotel and Weihaiwei Hotel.


Weihai Railway Station is situated at the west end of Shenzhen Road in the Development Zone, where you can take passenger trains to Beijing , Jinan and Qingdao .

Enquiry Telephone of Weihai Railway Station: 0631-5928593; 0631-5213255.

Tips for Railway Service:

It only takes about 15 to 20 yuan for you to take a taxi to the city proper of Weihai from Weihai Railway Station.


Weihai Coach Station is situated at No. 74, Dongcheng Road (at the crossing of Jiefang Road).

Enquiry Telephone of Weihai Coach Station: 0631-5968742.


Weihai Port Passenger Station:   No. 53, North Haibin Road. 

Enquiry Tel: 0631-5233220.

Longyan International Port Passenger Station:   Chengshan Township, Rongcheng City, Weihai

Enquiry Tel: 0631-7837777.

Shidao Island Port Passenger Station:   No. 9, Jianshe Road, Shidao, Rongcheng, Weihai.  

Enquiry Tel: 0631-7281666.

Tips for Ship Service:

(1) There are four passenger liners each day from Weihai Port Terminal to Dalian at 8: 30, 9:30, 20:00 and 21:00. The return liners start from Dalian at 8: 10, 9: 00, 21:00 and 21:30. The whole journey takes about 7 to 8 hours. The ticket prices differ according to the quality of the cabin you take. Ticket price for the third-class cabin ranges from 140 yuan to 180 yuan while ticket price for the four-class cabin ranges from 90 to 130 yuan.

(2) There will be an ocean liner from Weihai Port to Inchon of South Korea at 17:00 every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and at 18:00 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


The flag-down fare for the first 3 kilometers is 5 yuan, the price for each additional kilometer from 3 to 5 kilometers is 1.2 yuan and the price for each additional kilometer beyond 8 kilometers is 1.8 yuan. Besides, the fare for night rides will be raised by 20 %.

Public Transport System:

Weihai has a public transport network of more than 20 routes, which can lead to all the scenic spots and major streets and blocks. The fare for bus is 1 yuan and that for small-sized ones is 1.5 yuan.

Tips for Public Transport:

Buses terminate very early, and generally there are no buses running after 18:00.

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