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Virgin Spring in Heyang County

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The Virgin Spring is hidden in the luxuriant reed marshes. It was named after an ancient local folk custom that young girls, accompanied by their mothers or sisters, will go to the spring to wash away dust and tiredness before they get married.

The Virgin Spring is a spring cluster of numerous geysers. The temperature of the spring water remains 29-31°C all year around, and there are many microelements that are good to human health, such as Strontium (Sr), Cuprum and Selenium (Se), and the impulse of the spring water is so great that people do not sink. Therefore, it is quite comfortable to swim and enjoy the view there, especially in winter when mists rise from the hot spring and spread for several miles. Pleasure grounds and local folk custom houses are situated near the spring, and people can enjoy the rustic appeal along the Yellow River beach-land.

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How to Get There?
⑴ Tourists can take Train 4764 from Xi’an to Hancheng at 7:15 and get off at Heyang Station at 10:30. The cost is 13 yuan. Then take a minibus to get to the passenger station in the county town. The cost is 2 yuan. Then take a scheduled bus for the Virgin Spring, which is 22 km from the county town. The cost is 3 yuan. The bus arrives at the scenic spot at about 11:00. ⑵ Take a tourist bus at Dongjie Bus Station to get to the scenic spot. The cost is 8 yuan, and it may be a little more expensive in busy seasons. The bus starts when it is half full. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the spring. ⑶ Tourists can charter a car on the streets at the county town of Heyang to go there. It might cost you about 30 yuan for a single trip and 50 yuan for a round one.

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More Tips:
1.Recommended tourist time: April to November is the best time to visit the geyser since the temperature is temperate and it is convenient for water activities. December to March is the best time to watch the birds there and winter is a good time to visit the frozen river. 2.⑴ The management of Qiachuan Scenic Spot has held four tourist festivals since 2001. The major activities include the grand theatrical performances, fire balloon flying, glidesail parachute performances, drifting contests on the Yellow River, marsh forum, fishing contests, calligraphy and photography shows, and local snacks tasting activities. ⑵ Food In Heyang County, the delicious local foods are noodle, tofu, cooked fish, sweet potato and Chinese date. ⑶ Accommodation Tourists can stay in Qiachuan Hotel (three-star) or other hotels and hostels in the county town. The mountain villas in the scenic spot can receive tourist for dinner and accommodation. Meanwhile, about 400 family hotels with more than 2,000 beds in the country offer cheap food and accommodation. Qiquan Hotel located near Virgin Spring Square is also a good choice for tasting delicious local food. ⑷ Shopping In Heyang County, tourists can buy some local products, such as grapes, apples, sweet potatoes, wild ducks products, lotus root (as food), paper cut for window decoration, embroidery, and so on. ⑸ Special tips: The large parking lot near the Virgin Spring Square can park 300 cars. The parking fee is 20 yuan for bigger vehicles, such as trucks and buses and 10 yuan for smaller ones, such as cars.

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