Puzhehei in Qiubei

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Intro to This Attraction:

Puzhehei in Qiubei is a newly developed scenic spot in Yunnan. Even many people in Kunming have never set foot in it. If you are really tired with the crowds in Lijiang, Dali and Xi Shuangbanna, why not try Puzhehei? It has been called the Unmatched Landscape and Rurality in China by the experts of the National Construction Department.

Puzhehei means the lake with many fish and shrimps in the language of the Yi people. The water of the lake is limpid and you can even see the bed of the lake. Rowing the boat on the lake, the tourists can see many fish and shrimps swimming in the water. There are also some flowers and grasses floating on the water. Up till now the local people still keep the habit of holding water with hands to ease the thirst. In the scenic spot there are 312 peaks standing independent from each other, 56 lakes which are clear and without any pollution, 83 all kinds of caves, a great many mus of water lilies which give off faint scents, and original folk customs. All these beautiful natural sights form a pattern of “three sections and two waterfalls”.

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How to Get There?
you can take luxurious tourist buses in the Passenger Transportation Station of Kunming or the West Passenger Transportation Station. The price is 45 yuan per person during the day, and 65 yuan per person at nights. It is 275 kilometers long from Kunming to Qiubei and that will take you about 4 hours to arrive at the county seat of Qiubei. There are special tourist buses to the scenic spot in the county seat. If you want to go to the Immortal Cave, you can get off at the crossing of the Puzhehei scenic spot, and take a taxi into the scenic spot. Going for about 3 kilometers and you will arrive at the Village of the Immortal Cave. It is 12 kilometers from the county seat to the Village of the Immortal Cave, and if you take minibuses, you will get there for only 3 yuan.

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Tips: 1. food: The barbecue on the water: local people set up grills on the boat. They get fresh fish from water and them. They also sear corns, bean curd with odor, and potato. If you want something to eat when going sightseeing on the water, you just ask such a boat to come near. The lotus seed porridge, chicken wrapped in the lotus leaves and rice wrapped in the lotus leaves here are all god-given daintiness. The petals of lotus, though a little bitter, can make you more beautiful.

2. accommodation: Touring the Immortal Cave, you can get accommodation in the county seat of Qiubei, and you can also get it in the Holiday Village of Puzhehei. The price in the Holiday Village is higher than that in the county seat. However, the price has its periodicity. Usually, the standard room is about 100 yuan per room, and that is 50 yuan in the county seat. Whenever it is weekend, holiday or some festival, the price will go up a little. But a satisfying price is available if you bargain with the waiter.

3. best time for tour The best time for tour comes between May and September, especially June and July when the water lilies are in full bloom.

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