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The Bathing Immortal Lake

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The Bathing Immortal Lake covers a total area of about 109 square kilometers and consists of the main scenic spot of the Bathing Immortal Lake and the other 4 sections: Ting Lake, Ashe, Ameng and Longsuo.

Going into the scenic spot of the Bathing Immortal Lake, you will arrive at the two Pearl Islands first. Around the Pearl Islands, you will find the broad lake stretching before you. Then you can go to the Carp Island. If it is winter, you may see groups of red-beaked gulls flying and paddling and fighting for food on the water surface. In the other seasons, you can, of course, see other tens of kinds of birds like pheasants, thrushes, larks, cuckoos and pies.

On the seacoast of the Bathing Immortal Lake are three stockaded villages where there live Yi, Zhuang and Miao people. Every time when it is the Flower Mountain Festival of the Miao people, the March Festival of the Zhuang people, or the Torch Day of the Yi people, people of all nationalities would get all dolled up and sing and dance. At this time, you can fully enjoy the Lusheng Dance of the Miao people, the String Dance of the Yi people, and the Straw Men Dance of the Zhuang People.


There was a green island in the lake which was just like a pearl inlaid on the jade. It is said that long long ago, the green and clear lake was the place where the fairies from the Welkin paddled and bathed. The bigger Pearl Island and the smaller Pearl Island were in fact the two pearls the fairies left in the human world. They are today’s Cetacean Island and Carp Island.

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How to Get There?
you can take the buses going from Kunming to Yanshan and Qiubei, and get off at the Haizibian Toll Station. The price is about 40 yuan. The Lake is right to the south of the road. There is a tourist dock where you can look around the Bathing Immortal Lake by moto-yachts. You will be charged 8 to 10 yuan once for this. One moto-yacht can hold 15 people. You can also take the minibuses in Yanshan which go to the Pingyuan Street. The price is 5 yuan.

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