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the Dulong Frontier Bazaar

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General Information

One of the aspects that many travelers seek in a great vacation destination is shopping, and the Dulong Frontier Bazaar in Wenshan, in the Yunnan Province has some of the most unique local crafts, ornaments, and clothing of anywhere in this part of the world.  This area is best known as a region of operations during the war between China and Viet Nam but on Sundays the Miao and Zhuang people gather to see the merchants with the most desirable goods to meet their individual needs.

Wenshan is a mostly mountainous, but the climate is generally comfortable and mild and it’s well known for the abundant plants and flowers.  There are 11 different ethnic groups that reside in this beautiful oasis in this part of the world.

Unique Shopping

One of the aspects that make the Dulong Frontier Bazaar so desirable is the incredible selection of handmade products.  From jewelry to clothing, the brightly colored raiment’s that the people favor are here in abundance and because they are made by the indigenous people, the items are generally expensive to the people of this region, but inexpensive to most tourists.  For example one of the beautiful multi-colored hand stitched dresses, typical of the Miao people, generally costs about 100Y, which is around $16US.

As for the jewelry, the uniquely styled design of the local people makes quite the conversation piece back home and comparably inexpensive as well.  There are plenty of other knickknacks available through the bazaar that are wildly popular with tourists.  The craftsmanship of many of these items are completely unique and make great gifts.  

Also quite abundant throughout the Dulong Frontier Bazaar are a wide variety of merchants who specializes in assorted spices and herbs.  Many of these not familiar to most travelers from other parts of the world; be prepared to find some distinctive aromas emitted from some of these spices and find that they are quite tasty.

Food in the area is quite abundant as well.  One of the most popular dishes is the sticky rice that is delicious and typically served in the pyramid shape that is wildly popular with the Zhuang people.  For the truly adventurous food junkie, they have local dishes that are quite tasty with flavors that excite the taste buds.  Try the wild yam, the assortment of wild green ferns, and the Huidiaocai that are available with many of the vendors, cooked with some of their flavorful spices and herbs abundant in this region.

There are a number of festivals that are held throughout the year.  The Lotus Festival, the Torch Festival, and many of the local celebrations are quite popular with tourists. Check the tourist’s calendars to determine which festival occurs during the time traveling in Dulong.  These are always unique, lots of fun, and make for great memories to participate in something unique to that part of the world.  They are always filled with food, music, bright colors, and lots of dancing, food, and fun!

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How to Get There?
you can take the buses going to Maguan County in the Nanqiao Passenger Transportation Station of Wenshan. There is one bus setting out every 12 to 15 minutes. The price is 10 yuan, and the travel will last for 2 hours.

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Opening Hours:
the whole day

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Climate: Ranges from northern subtropical to middle temperate.  May to October is typically the rainy season.  The winter is chilly ranging from 6.5°C to 13.5°C and warm, but comfortable, in the summer, ranging from 17° to 28.5°C.  Late May to early September are the best recommended times for tourists.

Clothing: A light sweater is generally recommended since the evenings are generally cooler, but nice and warm during the day.

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