The Paintings on the cliffs of the King Rock

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Malipo County is located in the southeast of Yunnan and on the common border of China and Viet Nam. On the southern end of the Yangjiao Laoshan Mountain about 1 kilometer to the east of the county seat, there stands the upright King Rock which is more than 20 meters high.

Not far away from the King Rock is the bay of the Guyang River. In June, 1983, some working staff of cultural relic found colourful paintings on the cliffs here. This provides new materials for the artistic work of cliff paintings in China.

The cliff paintings on the King Rock were done with the three colours of black, red and white. The red comes from the hematite powders. According to the content, sculpt, dyes and tools of the paintings, these cliff paintings are some of the cultural heritage of the New Stone Age.

In addition, people also found cliff paintings in the caves in the Lion Mountain of the Qiubei County. The discovering of the cliff paintings show again that Yunnan province is an important area where ancient people lived and worked as well as one of the areas in China where most cliff paintings have been found till now.

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you can walk there or take a taxi there from the county seat.

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