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the Scenic Spot of the Laoshan Mountain

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Intro to this attraction:

In the Scenic Spot of the Laoshan Mountain there are 5 sections and they are the Laoshan Mountain, the Nanwen River, the King Rock, the Xiajing Factory and the New Stockaded Village. There are 42 sights altogether and the whole scenic spot covers a total area of about 180 square kilometers

The main sights here are: the site of the Counter-Attack in Self-defence in the Laoshan Mountain, the Forest Sea in the Laojun Mountain, the deep and serene groups of Karst Caves, the Cat Jumping Gorge, the irregularly changing cloud sea, the many rare plants, and the Tianbao Frontier Trade Port. All in all, the scenic spot of the Laoshan Mountain is an ideal place for frontier trade and shopping, tour abroad, scientific and geological research, and the research for the diversity of life-forms.  

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How to Get There?
Malipo County is 410 kilometers away from Kunming. There are buses to Malipo at all the Bus Stations in Kunming. The price is 60 to 80 yuan. You can also take minibuses from Wenshan to Malipo. Malipo is 80 kilometers away from Wenshan. There starts a minibus about every 20 minutes. The price is 10 yuan.

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More Tips:
Tips: 1. the weather in Malipo is very mild, and the long-sleeved clothes will do. 2. usually, after the tour of the Laoshan Mountain, people would passingly go shopping in the Tianbao Port on the border of Viet Nam. It is not very far from Malipo, so you can take the minibuses from Malipo to Chuantou. The price is less than 5 yuan.

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