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The Ting Lake

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Intro to this attraction:

The capability of the Ting Lake is about 1,758 cubic meters. There are five isolated islands in the reservoir which are quite different from each other. The Two Peaks Island is the center, and it divides the reservoir which is 4,900 meters long into two parts. The Two Peaks Island is 500 meters long and 250 meters wide. Because of the changes in the landform, the east of the Island is just like a huge eagle going at the surface of the water. So it is called the Lanneret Attacking the Water. Near the west bank of the Lake is an island which is as long as 700 meters.  The top of the island which stretches into the lake is as wide as 250 meters, but the part near the bank is only 50 meters wide. The whole island looks like a python coming from the White Dragon in the northwest to have water. It is so vivid that the island is called the Python Having Water. Between the Two Peaks Island and the Snake Island, there are three islands respectively in the east, west and north of the Lake with proportional spacing. They have the same shape and size, and are just like three tortoises floating on the surface of the water and fighting with the python.

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How to Get There?
you can take the tourist minibuses at the Beiqiao Passenger Transportation Station to the Ting Lake. The price is 3 yuan. You can also take a taxi there, and the price is about 8 yuan.

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More Tips:
Tips: 1. the accommodation by the Ting Lake: you can find accommodation less than 4 kilometers away from the city proper of Wenshan. Though it is simple, it can sure meet your basic needs. 2. the delicious food by the Ting Lake: there are many small restaurants by the Ting Lake. There you can taste all kinds of tasty featured food which are not expensive. The famous ones are: spiced salt cake, Wentao Rice Noodle, fried rice cake, sticky rice cake, sweetened bean paste cake, and so on. What’s more, the Zhuang Wine produced in the Pingba Village of the Wenshan County is a kind of grain wine with a faint scent and a pour taste. 3. the best time for touring the Ting Lake: between May and September 4. climate: it is warmer than Kunming, the Spring City, in winter, and cooler than Kunming in summer.

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