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Dongtou of One Hundred Islands

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One hundred islands are scattered in a vast expanse of blue water like one hundred bring pearls. They have bright and elegant landscapes and are remarkable for both the mountains and the sea. They have a pleasant climate with spring-like seasons all the year around. The Sea Islands have graceful and charming sceneries with exotic stones, superb beaches, pretty reefs, quiet caves, abundant fishes and many birds. It is a seaside tourist resort which blends exotic cliffs and reefs, marine sports and fishing village flavor into one.

Dongtou is the sole provincial-level key scenic resort and historic site which is named after its county in Wenzhou. There are seven large scenic areas, including Banping Mountain, Xiandie Rock, Daqu Island, Bamboo Islet, Haizhong Lake (Lake in the sea) and Dongsha, with more than 400 scenic spots with its own unique features. It brings out the best in each other together with the national-level scenic resort and historic sites of the Yandangshan Mountain and the Nanxi River, which forms a tourist golden tri-angle of “mountain-river-sea” of Wenzhou City. The scenic area of the Banping Mountain has a natural huge screen carved in rocks, which is reputed as “the best screen on the sea of China” and can be called a wonder of China. The islands in the scenic area are steep and beautiful. They have golden sand and blue sea with fantastic landscapes of unique charm.

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Dongtou Yangqicai is a gulfweed (a marine plant), which has a high value for diet and medical use. The iodine it contains is 10 to 30 times more than that of ordinary algae. It can protect people against diseases, such as hypothyroidism goitra, mental retardation of children and cretinism, etc, which are resulted from a lack of iodine. Since Yangqicai contains relatively low calory, it is a fantastic low calory food for losing weighting.

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