Jiangx (the Center of the Rive) Islet

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The islet has graceful sceneries, historic sites and rich human landscapes. It is a shining pearl on the Oujiang River and called “Penglai (an island in the middle of the chain mountain islands in the northeast of Zhejiang Province) in the Oujiang River”.

There are ancient and famous trees, green and luxuriant, on the islet. It is surrounded by hills and waters and decorated with pavilions and platforms. Bridges and platforms form a contrast. The landscapes are charming, competing for beauty. Therefore, it enjoys a good reputation as “a fairyland in the world”. The construction of the “brightness and prettiness project” on the Jiangxin Islet applies the modern allusion principle and many devices. The key point is to highlight two towers and one temple, which make the bright pearl on the Oujiang River more worthy of the reputation, thus reaching the perfect unification of the environment, the arts, the atmosphere and the style.

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The tourist party from other places in the country who want to pay a visit to the Jiangxin Islet may take the bus route 31, 33, 39, and 50 at the railway station to the Jiangbin Road. It takes merely more than ten minutes to get there. Therefore, it is quite convenient. There are ferryboats with 500, 400 and 300 rated seats, one for each type, prepared for the tourists who visit the Jiangxin Islet. There is a ferryboat to and from the Jiangxin Islet every twenty minutes

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Tourist reference routes:Martyr Memorial Hall→ Haoran Tower→ Ancestral Temple of the Marquis of Wenxin→ Jiangxin Temple→ One-thousand-year-old Camphor Holding Banyan in the arm→ Xingqing Temple(Museum)→ Lord Xie Pavilion→ Returning Crane Pavilion→ West Tower→ Chengxian Pavilion→ Pottery Garden→ Amusement Park→ Children’s Playground→ Activity Center for Youngsters→ Ancient Pavilion of Flowers and Willows→ Lingyun Pavilion→ Lingbo Pavilion→ Little Flying Rainbow→ Laixue Pavilion→ East Tower→ Linqing Pavilion→ Site of British Consulate in Wenzhou Recommended time for a visit:Half a day

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